The JanssenWeb SiteManager is a control panel that gives you access to the content of your web site, your databases, your product catalogs and your back-office tools. It offers a unique environment that empowers you to maintain your own web site easily and quickly. It gives you a centralized place to perform administrative business functions like sending out newsletters or mailings, process payments online or update your customer records. Your web site must be hosted by us in order to use SiteManager.

What is content management?

Content management systems like our SiteManager allow you to create, edit and update the content of our web site via an internet web browser. SiteManager gives you full control over your web site, including your navigation menus, your text, your pictures and your special modules.

There is no need to have extensive computer skills or to work your way through source code. With SiteManager updating your web site is as easy as browsing the web.

With SiteManager we also offer custom-built database driven solutions. Solutions in which your information is made available online in a fully interactive way, generating web pages that adapt to your visitor's input.

Whether your are presenting catalog items for sale, featured articles online, a virtual museum collection, or a list of frequently asked questions, they can all be presented in a database-driven setting, where the visitor can browse, sort, view, and select all items in your database.

eCommerce Solutions

A great example of a database-driven solution is an online store. SiteManager has a complete eCommerce solution available, featuring custom built shopping carts, various payment solutions, a flexible and searchable product catalog, search functions, shipping options, and more. Have your own on-line shopping mall in your own house style, and change, add, and remove items in your own product catalog using SiteManager .

If you are selling digital items (applications or files) online, you can automatically release them for downloading or email them to your customers upon payment, providing instant delivery.

Standard Modules

JanssenWeb has many standard modules available with SiteManager and we will develop custom modules for you as required. Check out our list of currently available modules. You no longer need any third-party solutions like Yahoo newsgroups or MSN forum pages. With SiteManager you have all you need in one central location and in your own house style.

Back-office Solutions

SiteManager is more than a content management system. It also provides business support through back-office tools that includes modules for reporting, web mail, internal memo systems, project management tools, credit card terminals, and CRM (customer relationship management tools) for your staff. Contact us to learn more or to get a quote for a custom module!

Do you want to learn more about SiteManager? Try our SiteManager Demo and find out for yourself.

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